Firearm Consignment

Looking to sell your used or newly acquired firearm? We have a large number of active collectors and buyers who visit our store weekly to inspect recently consigned firearms. Showcase your firearm on consignment with us and get it sold fast!

To get started, contact us and share what you are looking to sell. We will discuss what you have and whether we think we can do a good job selling it for you. If we agree that we are a good match for your needs bring your unloaded firearm to the store to start the process. Once in store, we will review with you our simple one page consignment agreement.  You set the price and we will begin to sell your firearm immediately. Note, we will not take items on consignment at prices that we think are unrealistic.

During the consignment period we are responsible for the security and safety of your items in our possession. Your firearm will receive the same care and secure storage as our own personal inventory. When your firearm has been sold you will receive a check or cash for the sale price less the determined commission (our rate is typically 10% plus any selling fees — Gun Broker fees or credit card fees for example).